Who can take the E-MX title away from Stefan Everts?

E-MX Race of Champions

Quiet! There’s a motocross race under way. Huh? Yes, indeed; on the evening of Tuesday 29 April you can come to Circuit Zolder and wonder at the E-MX Race of Champions for the second time. E, of course, stands for electric – an electric motocross. That makes a huge difference in terms of decibels, which we’ve exchanged for an even greater spectacle!

New race format

One of the reasons the E-MX Race of Champions is such a spectacle is its format: a short technical course with a number of special features incorporated for the riders, 4-round sprint races noted for their explosive nature and the build-up to a super-exciting climax, the E-MX final in which the 6 best riders battle it out for victory.

The question on everyone’s lips this year is who can or will dare to topple Stefan ‘The Legend’ Everts from his throne? Indeed, the ten-time world champion has lost none of his motocross skills and won the very first E-MX title last year. You can see how the première of the Belgian electric motocross at Circuit Zolder went in this video.

World class riders and lots of fun!

‘The Legend’ is ready to defend his title. But in the run-up to the Valkenswaard GP, you can be sure that a lot more motocross riders will come to Circuit Zolder on the evening of Tuesday 29 April. Moreover MX2 runner-up Jordi Tixier, Valentin Guillod, Damon Graulus, Brent Vandoninck, Marvin Vandaele and David Cools have already confirmed their presence.  And that they will be eager to help write history in the world of electric motocross with the specially-transported and identical KTM Freeride E-bikes.

Everyone who was there last year was unanimous in their enthusiasm: E-MX is fun! Not just for the riders, but for the spectators too. This year we’re adding a bit of spice. Or rather, a bit of spin, because a DJ from Tomorrowland (we can’t reveal any more just now) will be spinning up the turntables during the races. And not just a turntable, but from on top of the famous Red Bull Jeep ... Let the beat drop!

The second E-MX Race of Champions at Circuit Zolder will start at 6.00 pm on Tuesday 29 April, and by 8.30 pm we will know who the new E-MX 2014 champion is! The E-MX Race of Champions is organised in co-operation with the Belgische Motorrijdersbond (BMB – Belgian Motorcycle Federation), the Fédération Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) and Circuit Zolder.

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Pascal Ursi Marketing Manager Circuit Zolder, Circuit Zolder
Pascal Ursi Marketing Manager Circuit Zolder, Circuit Zolder
About Electric Motocross

The E-MX Race of Champions is the world's most important race for electric motocross bikes. Since its inception in 2012, as a part of Circuit Zolder's Clean week, the race has been staged annually. In its current form Stefan Everts was the first E-MX champion in 2013. He was followed in 2014 by Swiss motocross star Valentin Guillod. Last year Pauls Jonass was crowned E-MX champion. 

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